What is a household blender?


Household blenders is a kind of different from juicer, food processor, and function of above two parts of small household electrical appliances, it can pass a very sharp blade to food thoroughly crushed and mixed, in addition to its biggest characteristic is to stir speed at different times to food, so produced more in line with the personal taste of food.Who doesn't have a few indispensable "cooking experts" in modern life?This not, after soybean milk machine, food machine, we ushered in the mixer, the birth of the small home appliance, this can make more use of small household electrical appliances, food must have been a lot of water mark, the choice of housewives and for some of the very few small home appliance contact friends, perhaps the blender is not very familiar with this concept, don't even know mixer has what effect, don't try so hard, the small make up today is to introduce you to relevant knowledge, interested friends to let me down!

The function of household blenders

To find out what a household blender is for, let's start with its functions. First of all, it has sharp blades that can pulverize food perfectly, so that the ingredients can be polished more smoothly. Isn't this grinding function very practical?The second is its stirring function, which is unique thanks to its three-dimensional double-edged knife. This shaped knife is often used by most of the agitators in the market. Generally speaking, it has two three-dimensional blades, so food can be stirred and cut from different angles and different Spaces.

Classification of household blenders

The household food mixer has three rotating speeds and is equipped with a wire egg mixer, a paddle mixer and a screw mixer.It can be used for mixing cream, cake liquid, filling and making dough.The machine has both three-phase power supply and single-phase power supply, please choose according to the requirements.Household food mixer is reasonable in design, neat and beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight and low in noise.High efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning, clean sanitation, by the user to use good response.Suitable for restaurants, restaurants, bread houses and food manufacturers, etc. For mixing and rolling dough, it is an ideal equipment for the production of high quality cakes.

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