What are the types of food blenders?


What are the types of food blender? There are 9 types of food mixers, which are propeller stirrer, turbine stirrer, paddle stirrer, anchor stirrer, ribbon stirrer, magnetic stirrer, magnetic heating stirrer, folding leaf stirrer, Frequency conversion double-layer agitator, the following is a detailed introduction.

9 types of food blenders

1. Propeller agitator

It is composed of 2 to 3 propeller blades, the working speed is high, and the peripheral speed of the outer edge of the blade is generally 5 to 15m/s. The propeller-type agitator mainly causes axial liquid flow and generates a larger circulation volume. It is suitable for stirring low-viscosity (<2Pa·s) liquids, emulsions, and suspensions with a solid particle content of less than 10%. The rotating shaft of the agitator can also be inserted into the tank horizontally or obliquely. At this time, the circulation circuit of the liquid flow is asymmetric, which can increase the turbulence and prevent the liquid level from sinking.

2. Turbo agitator

It consists of installing 2 to 4 straight or curved blades on a horizontal disc. The ratio of the outer diameter, width, and height of the blade is generally 20:5:4, and the peripheral speed is generally 3-8m/s. When the turbine rotates, it causes highly turbulent radial flow, which is suitable for the dispersion of gas and immiscible liquids and the liquid-liquid phase reaction process. The viscosity of the liquid being stirred generally does not exceed 25 Pa·s.

3. Paddle mixer

There are two types of the flat paddle and inclined paddle. The flat paddle agitator consists of two straight blades. The ratio of the blade diameter to the height is 4 to 10, and the peripheral speed is 1.5 to 3 m/s. The two blades with the lower radial liquid flow speed are turned oppositely by 45° or 60°, thus generating axial liquid flow. The paddle stirrer has a simple structure and is often used for mixing low-viscosity liquids and dissolving and suspending solid particles.

4. Anchor mixer

The shape of the outer edge of the paddle should be consistent with the inner wall of the stirring tank, and there is only a small gap between them, which can remove the vicious reaction products attached to the tank wall or the solid objects accumulated at the bottom of the tank, and maintain a good heat transfer effect. The peripheral speed of the outer edge of the blade is 0.5~1.5m/s, which can be used to stir Newtonian fluid and pseudoplastic fluid with viscosity up to 200Pa·s.

5. Spiral belt mixer

The outer diameter of the spiral belt is equal to the pitch of the screw. It is specially used to stir high-viscosity liquids (200~500Pa·s) and pseudoplastic fluids, usually operating in laminar flow.

6. Magnetic stirrer

The Corning digital heater has a closed-circuit knob to monitor and adjust the stirring speed. The microprocessor automatically adjusts the motor power to adapt to water quality, viscous solutions, and semi-solid solutions.

7. Magnetic heating stirrer

Corning digital heating mixer with optional external temperature controller (Cat. No. 6795PR), they can also monitor and control the temperature in the container.

8. Folding leaf mixer

Choosing the appropriate agitator according to the physical properties, capacity, and mixing purpose of different media can play a great role in promoting the speed of chemical reaction and improving production efficiency. The folding-blade turbine agitator is generally suitable for the reaction of gas and liquid mixture, and the rotation speed of the agitator should generally be more than 300r/min.

9. Frequency conversion double layer agitator

The base, support rod, and motor of the frequency conversion agitator are fixed in one using patented technology. Patented chuck, no looseness, no swing, no falling off, safe and reliable. Chrome-plated struts, thick bottom, and top thin, strong steel, reasonable structure. It has the advantages of easy movement and light weight. Suitable for all kinds of small containers.


As a portable blender manufacturer, we introduced these 9 types of food blenders in detail. If you want to know more about the portable blender, please contact us.

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