Why is a portable and rechargeable battery juice blender popular?


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What is a portable and rechargeable battery juice blender?

A juicer is a kitchen appliance that can mix, crush, stir, and grind various ingredients, which has been used to make nutritious and healthy drinks, as well as milkshakes and smoothies.

Fruits, vegetables and other ingredients are usually put in a juicer, mixed with a certain proportion of liquid, and a cup of perfect mixed juice is born after the blade runs at high speed to chop up the ingredients.

However, the traditional juicer is often not suitable for the current situation of modern youth living alone because of its huge volume and high-decibel noise. After all, sometimes we just want to make a glass of juice, which doesn't use 1/5 of the volume of the cup, but it has to wash an entire large glass. Thus, the portable mixer blender was born to fit the needs.

As a portable type of juicer, its small size and high appearance have won the hearts of many gourmets. After all, mini juicer mixer is a combination of a motor with a cutter head and a cup, and most portable blender manufacturers are launching them .


Why is a portable and rechargeable battery juice blender popular?

  1. Compared with the household juicer, it is a smaller, lighter and more compact juicer, which can be taken everywhere. The traditional household juicer must be placed in the kitchen, occupying a certain amount of space.
  2. Best portable blender for travel: Obviously, it’s impossible for traveling light with househould blender, so mini smoothie blender is a great substitute for the traditional ones.
  3. Most office persons are in need of USB portable blender for the convenience of making smoothie, shake, juice.
  4. Multi-functional: The functions of the rechargeable juicer mainly include: squeezing juice, jam, soy milk, baby food supplement, rice cereal, smoothie, milkshake... etc.
  5. Of course, for people with bad teeth, biting fruit is too hard. Drinking juice with a portable USB juicer is also a great choice.
  6. The food is fresh and healthy. The most important thing is to squeeze the juice by yourself, which is more ritual and healthier. You can blend the food at any time and any place.
  7. With built-in battery & USB cable, this rechargeable mixer can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer or other USB devices.

Whether it is a meal replacement to save the appetite in summer, or an ice juice to relieve the heat, it is the best choice to have a portable and rechargeable battery juice blender. GLORY, a portable blender manufacturer from China, supports your OEM/ ODM business. We offer best portable smoothie blender!




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