What to consider when shopping for portable blender bottle?


Building a toned physique or strong figure doesn’t achieve overnight, but it’s all thanks to the proper diet and exercise. If you put yourself on a regimen, a healthy diet must be necessary. Whether you start with a nutritious fruit juice, make a baby food, or cannot resist a milk shake, a portable blender bottle can get the job done.

If you are in the market for a portable smoothie blender, you are spoilt for choices for various brands out there. The overwhelming USB blenders occupy the market, which is difficult for you to choose the best portable blender. So, what to consider when shopping for portable blender bottle?How do you know if a product is really good? Read below to find your answer.


- Check the power source

As its name suggests, a portable blender means that it is handy, easy to carry anywhere you like. While some large blenders with an electrical cord need to attach a power source, literally tied to a wall. Portable blender is battery powered. If you use USB blender charged via USB, then you can use a power bank or charge it in the car.

- Gauge the size

What defines a portable or mini blender is its size. Anything bulky and too big no longer falls into the category of portability. Look at its size before you search for a portable smoothie blender. Most traveler will prefer choosing a portable blender for travel, which can easily take, and fit into the bag.

-Look for simple features

Since it is the USB portable blender, there is no need for complicated features, such as the fancy bells and whistles, or for confusing how many buttons the rechargeable blender has. One simple button can achieve several functions, such as blending smoothies, protein shakes, baby foods, nut butters, soups, or dressings. It is simple operation, but multi-functional.

-Cup style

Is it slim and easy to hold? Does it fit into your bag? It is necessary to pay attention to the sup style. Pick a blender fits your style.

- Take note of the design

Since you may use it outside, choose a design that suits your personality. Pick a blender fits your style.

- The warranty

Love high quality but hate the high price? We do, too. The cheapest portable juice blender is not always the ideal one. It is better to opt for a reputable company that can assure the considerable before-sales and after-sales service. Ask how long the warranty is, and if free labour will be given when something has gone wrong shortly after purchase.


Here, at Guangdong Glory Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd, you can get the portable blender bottle you want at a price you can afford. No matter it comes to the quality, performance, workmanship, or design, the product can exceed your expectation all around.



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