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Nowadays, the increasing people begin to pay attention to the benefits of a balanced diet, whether you are reducing weight, working in the office or working out at the fitness centre. Those who start to regulate their diet and timetable are very attentive in their daily nutrition intake. For example, the best way to get vitamins is from fruits and vegetables. As far as I am concerned, it's very difficult for me to keep eating some fruits a day. On the contrary, it's not against drinking juice. Although you can buy fresh juice in the store outside, you can't guarantee the freshness of the ingredients. In addition, the seller may add a lot of sugar, and some even use jam to make juice directly. Therefore, it's reliable to make your juice by yourself with our portable and rechargeable battery juice blender, which can not only ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables, but also have fun of DIY and easy to carry.


Have you found yourself strolling around wondering where and how to find the best portable blender 2021? You’re not alone! That’s where GLORY, a portable blender manufacturer from China, comes in and gradually stands out from a crowd of portable blender suppliers.


Then we’ll take a closer look at the features of best portable blender 2021 below.

- Food Grade Material

This USB portable blender is made of food-grade BPA FREE Tritan plastic material which passes USA FDA certification. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can enjoy fresh nutrient retention and wonderful leisure time with our mini juice blender.

- Innovative Strengthening Line Design.

Withe the technique of convection impact, there are two improvements of mini juicer mixer: one is food will be more smooth, the other is 16500RPM/min rotating speed will help to save time in operation.

- Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

With built-in battery & USB cable, this portable and rechargeable battery juice blender can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer or other USB devices, keep your travel on the go.

Beyond that, here comes a new fashion charging way- WIRELESS CHARGING by magnet.

- Portable and Multi-functional

This mini smoothie blender is not only for mixing kinds of fruit and vegetables, but also other baby food. Due to the characteristics of smaller and lighter, it’s very portable for traveling, camping, fishing etc.

- Easy to use and clean

The body and bottom of USB rechargeable blender can be separated. We just open the lid, pour into water, and then switch on the button or use hand to shake whole machine. It will be cleaned totally.

- Upgraded 6/4 Blades in 3D for Superb Mixing

SUS304 stainless steel made blades, 22,000 revolutions per minute, which can effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables into amazing smoothies.



Are you in the market for the best portable blender 2021? Here you don’t need to be entangled with where and how to find the best portable blender for smoothies aimlessly. At GLORY, portable blender price is also affordable! Your inquiry is warmly welcome!



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